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Private Events

In addition to birthday parties, homeschool classes, collaborative sessions, and play dates, you can book The Art Cart for a variety of private events. Customer appreciation events, neighborhood parties, date nights, the options are endless! With our flexible pricing options (below), The Art Cart makes a great addition to your next event, big or small!


Private Event Pricing

Creators Hour

Up to 8 participants all creating for one hour


Go Big Premium

Over 8 participants taking turns creating for one hour. Participants will go home with a fun premium creation (examples include hats, mini macrames, vinyl record decorating, etc)

$300 (includes first 8 participants) + $15/additional participant

Additional Time: $200/hour (includes an additional 8 participants)

Go Big Simplified

Over 8 participants taking turns creating for one hour. Our projects will still bring the FUN, but the simpler materials allow for more children* to participate without increasing the price per child (examples include foil printing on paper, record player spin art on paper, or "art play" including sensory activities or contributing to a shared art activity that does not go home with participants). This is great for larger events where you don't want to keep track of how many children are creating. 


Additional Time: $200/hour

*Space is still limited to 8 children at a time on the bus

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