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Play Dates
and Classes

Gather some friends and we'll bring the art bus to you! These one-hour classes are a perfect chance for the adults to take a break while the kids work independently with their Art Cart instructor to create a piece unique to them that they'll be proud to show off when everyone comes together for an art show at the end of class. Children will spark their inner artist and build a foundation of trusting their imagination and creativity. These classes are great for homeschool groups or an after-school activity for students wanting more time with art than they’re able to get in school.

The details

These can be one-time bookings or a 4-week session. 4-week sessions will be once weekly and allow for more in-depth projects that span across weeks.

Classes will be tailored to the age range of the group; we recommend a max age gap of 2 years.


Projects will vary as we’re always coming up with fresh process art ideas. Some processes we might use include (but certainly not limited to) painting, sculpting, collaging, building, and much more!


Classes do not include adult participation to encourage child creativity and imagination! If you’re interested in a caregiver/tot class for a younger age group, we can accommodate this as well. For childcare/preschool settings, the childcare provider is welcome to stay for the class.

Process art play dates now available on The Art Cart bus! Some projects, specifically collaborative work, may require outdoor space (weather permitting) due to space constraints. 

Please inquire about our discount for childcare/homeschool classes! 

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