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I’m Megan Esser, owner and founder of The Art Cart. I live in northern Colorado with my husband and our two children. My children have always had a love for art and the experience of being able to experiment with new materials and create something beautiful. To us art is a sensory experience, an opportunity to unwind, a visual expression of creativity, and most importantly, it’s fun! My oldest is autistic and I noticed from an early age the power process art had to help him not only feel empowered by his creative work, but with no wrong moves in process art, it gave him an emotionally safe space that didn’t have expectations for how things “should” be. It’s his happy place! My youngest loves to experiment with different techniques in art. Her favorite is tapping her paintbrush to make splatters and calling them freckles, just like she has. She never liked her freckles until she started noticing their beauty in her art. Process art has been such a gift to our family and I want to continue spreading that joy to other families. I have a long history of working with children in different personal and professional settings. My hope with The Art Cart is to help children see how beautiful their uniqueness is, how beautiful art can be even if you hadn’t considered yourself an “artist” before, and how flexing those creative muscles benefits you throughout many areas of life.


What is process art?

Process art focuses on the experience of creating art over the finished product. With The Art Cart, we’ll choose materials and processes to focus on and the finished product is completely dependent on where the artist goes with those things. There is no right or wrong way to complete the art project and each finished piece will look different. The Art Cart is here to support an artist’s own creative process.


Why process art?

Process art encourages exploration, experimentation, and creativity. There is space to wonder. It provides opportunities for children to plan, predict, and think outside of the box. It creates a safe space to problem solve when a material doesn’t work the way you expected. Discovering how oil pastels and watercolors interact is much more impactful by experiencing and noticing it than being told or shown.


What do I need to host a play date?

If you’re holding your play date indoors you need either a table/chairs to accommodate the group or adequate hard floor space (not carpeted). We will bring drop cloths to cover the space we work on whether that’s a table or the floor. We will also need access to a sink. If holding your play date outdoors (weather permitting), you will need a table and chairs to accommodate the group. If a table outdoors is not possible, please reach out for options based on the project we have in mind for your group. If outdoors we will need access to a hose/water spout.


Do you travel to my area?

We serve Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Timnath, Eaton, Ault, Wellington, Evans, La Salle, Milliken, Berthoud, and Johnstown. The art bus is available to travel Windsor, Greeley, Milliken, and Johnstown. If you don’t see your city listed please get in touch to see if we can travel to you!

What are your prices?

We have listed all prices conveniently on the experience pages. Click "Experiences We Offer" at the top of the page and select which experience you would like more information about. Scroll to the bottom for full pricing information for that experience. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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